Living the cottage life, Alaskan style!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

the weathered pane

I decided my blog needed a new look, and hope you find it so inviting you will never want to leave!  As any blogger knows, finding a URL that hasn't been taken, is not easy.  I chose "the weathered pane" because I have one hanging from a beam between my living room and dining room and as I sat at my table contemplating what it meant to me, I discovered  that it was much more than just a weathered piece of wood.  When I look at my weathered pane, I think of the friends who gave it to me and realize how very grateful I am for good friends. 

Too, like the window pane, I'm also weathered with age and hang a little crooked at times.

This weathered pane was salvaged from a garage sale.  Its previous owners saw no value in it; it was just an old piece of wood with no purpose.  But just because you're old and worn out, doesn't mean you don't have the perfect purpose in life.  Just like the beam hanging in my home, its purpose is to give me joy and to remind me that life goes on. 

So, to all 
my weathered friends, welcome to my new blog, "the weathered pane."  I hope you visit often and see what chaos and shenanigans we're up to in the Far North.

Later!  Nancy