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Sunday, February 10, 2013

How many times have I stopped and started blogging again over the years....  I have to say, I miss it when I'm not posting. 

I've been writing most of my life.  When life was tough, I resorted to putting my thoughts down in a journal.  One journal led to two and then another and another.  Over the years, I had quite the accumulation of my thoughts on paper.  And a lot of them weren't anything I wanted to share with my kids so when they grew up, I tossed most of them.  I regretted doing it... as it was my life.... but so much of it was my married life of which wasn't good.  I didn't want my kids to read about it.

Then I found blogging and fell in love with it!  What I find interesting about it all is that I hate to talk.  I'm not much a talker.  I don't pick up the phone and call people.  I don't like groups of people.  I don't find myself amusing, interesting, or especially intelligent, yet I can usually find something interesting to blog about! I feel like I'm a totally different person when I blog as the words just flow out of me.  Go figure. 

I might try blogging again.  I have alot to report since my last post so very long ago.  I need an avenue to express myself and this fits.  Plus, it's a lot faster than keeping a written journal! 

I hope you come along for the ride and see what we're up to here in the Far North.  Maybe you'll find our lives amusing... maybe pathetic!  Maybe you'll have a good laugh or two over the antics of our babysitting career....  This is our life and I wouldn't change it. 


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