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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Postponed

I lied when I posted on the 22nd that we were well on our way to Spring.  Well, we're well on our way to SOMETHING.... but it isn't Spring!  This weekend brought 6" of new snow and today it's seriously snowing some more.  ENOUGH ALREADY!   

This change in weather has everyone on edge, cranky, confused.  The Thrushes have arrived but don't have access to the worms or bugs they'd normally be picking from the ground right now.  I'm back feeding my Chickadees and other little guys in the back yard to help them get through this latest change of weather. 

But look at this.... even the slugs are confused!  I debated whether to put this guy to safety but I didn't....  I'm not a fan of slugs and will go to all measures to pluck their eggs from underneath rocks and wood rounds and kill them.  The grandkids and I go slug hunting to find the real things and put them out of my misery.  Still.... I felt bad for the little guy....  Just a little.... 

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