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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Laundry Day

Growing up, I remember laundry day when my mom would hang the laundry outside to dry.  But it never dawned on me, as an adult, to do it.  Maybe it's because we don't have hot summers or a lot of sunny days. 
But one spring everything changed that.  We had an avalanche that tore out our power lines and we had to live off a community generator.  Our electric bill went up 500%!  Ouch!  Our normal electric bill for that time of year was about $120, so you can imagine how this was going to hurt.  Fortunately, we were told from the minute it happened that it would take months to fix and do whatever we could to cut down on our power usage. 

So we bought a clothes line and some racks and started drying our clothes the old fashion way.  We still didn't have sunshine, but we could dry the clothes inside when we had to.  I even bought this cute little clothes pin bag from Etsy.
There's something comforting in hanging laundry outside to dry....  I don't know why that is, maybe because it takes me back to the basics.  This is how my mom and my grandma and my great grandma dried their laundry.  There's a connection between us.  Yea, it takes more time and the clothes aren't all fluffy and soft, but that's okay. 
They smell good and it's a fresh smell, not from some marketed bounce or other fabric softener. 
I'm thankful for all the sunny days we've had this summer and look forward to many more. If, for no other reason than to hang my laundry out to dry.  

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