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Monday, March 25, 2013

Is it Spring Yet?

Okay, so right now all I can think of is Spring.  Spring.  Spring.  Spring.  Spring is that hope that Summer will come next and maybe, just maybe, this year it'll be a nice one.  Here's some of my winter pictures from this year. 
I love this picture. It looks like a yard of cotton, doesn't it?  Snow had pretty much melted except for the big piles where it had been piled from shoveling so one sunny, brisk 21 degree day, we went outside and started breaking the piles down and scattering it all over the yard!  Clearly we had nothing better to do that day!
One day, the grandkids wanted to go sledding so my hubby took the snowblower to the back yard and made a figure 8.  This cleaned up enough snow and we had a trail to pull them on their sled.  They had so much fun!

Ugh.  Snow.  Snow.  And more snow.  There's always something to shovel! But it sure is pretty....

Right after Thanksgiving, my husband hangs clear lights in the front yard.  I love how it looks with all the snow.    Isn't it pretty?

I can almost see myself sitting here, sipping a nice cup of tea, reading a good book.  Well, maybe this summer....

Ahhhhh, I love my bridge.  It's just a bridge, over a dry creek bed.  Nice. 

Yep, almost time to light a fire in the fire pit... Well, soon....

But it's not Spring yet.  We thought it was a couple weeks ago when the sun came out and the temps dipped up to 21 degrees.  Snow was melting pretty fast.  I even saw some buds on my shrubs! 

Then.... two Winter Advisories brought about 8" of new snow.  Bummer.  And earlier this week it was back down to 8 degrees.  Again... a real bummer. 

It's raining today and we're supposed to have rain mixed with snow all week.  Maybe it'll rain hard enough that all our snow melts and we can have Spring.   


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