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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Backyard Critters

Some times I feel like we're always being watched.... 
I can't explain it.
I just get this eerie feeling.
Where the hair stand up on my neck.

I'll nonchalantly turn around and try to catch the culprit, but there's never anyone there but my birds and squirrels.
We had a hawk visit our yard this past week. 
A sight I'm not too thrilled to see.
As he was chasing after my Blue Jays. 
Doesn't he know this is a No Kill Zone?
We have lots of birds this time of year--Juncos, Chickadees, Pine Siskins, Yellow Finches, Thrushes.  I even saw a Hummingbird the other day.  I don't know my birds very well, but my mom always did.  I think we also have Wrens right now.  Last year we had a Northern Pygmy Owl visit us.  He was sure a cute little thing until he latched on to one of my Juncos!  You can read that story here
I just wish I could shake this feeling that I'm being watched.... 

Later!  Nancy

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Georgia said...

When do you have the time to sit there, camera poised, ready to snap a photo of the Peeping Tom. Is this when the g'kids are duct-taped to the kitchen chairs? Or when you have them busy washing windows?

Nancy from the Weathered Pane said...

I thought they might be planted by the parents to keep an eye on what we do here during the day! :)