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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Brightest Spot

As summer starts to disappear, and we see more and more of fall slipping into place, this little clump of dwarf lillies is the bright spot of my entire yard. 

It doesn't matter how dark and dreary our day is, this little clump of yellow is out there waving its beauty as if to say, "look at me!"  And my eyes always fall on that bright spot.  Even at night, when it's getting dark, this little group is what I see. 

I'm thinking next year I need to plant more of them throughout my other gardens.   

Most everything I plant is more muted colors so it's no wonder this stands out so vividly.  Especially now when there isn't much blooming in my gardens.    

I found a couple of these grapevine wreaths at a garage sale this summer, not certain how they were going to be used, but I love that they add another dimension to my birds' watering holes.   
Some of my sedums are starting to come into bloom, and my hostas, but they're not a blast of color, just muted. 
This little darling blooms alllll summer long. Lewisia. It comes from the Columbia Gorge in Oregon, living in the cracks and crevices of the rocky walls along the Columbia River.  It loves the heat and sun, yet it thrives in our wet and dreary weather. 

It's August.  Our worst gardening month of the season.  Little more will be in bloom until the fall colors take over.  The gardens will start to deteriorate and I'll find myself out in the mud and gunk keeping up with the weeds and cutting back perennials until another season of bloom.   

Some times I wonder if it's all worth it....  and the answer is always, yes! 

Later!  Nancy

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