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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

bear watching

We never get tired of seeing wildlife.  Especially when we're this close to them!  No, this was not shot using a zoom lens. 

We took a ride to the Mendenhall Glacier yesterday to see if we could see any bear, and saw this little guy.  The forest service lady said he was about 2 or 3 years old.   There's a shallow creek where sockeye return to spawn every year and we always see a lot of bear activity.  We watched this guy stalk a salmon and eventually got it!

In August of 2007, I posted a tour to the glacier with more bear pictures that are pretty cool.  You can read about it here (click on the "here") at Pieces of the Puzzle

Our granddaughter said this was her first bear sighting and she was quite excited over the event.  If you're wondering how we're viewing these bears so closely, you can see that we're on a walkway that is protected by wire fencing.  We're up off the ground a few feet, high enough that the bear can walk under us and if they should stand up and try to reach us, can't....  That's very important!  This trail offers locals and tourists an incredible view of the bears, and we're only a few steps out of our car. 

If you want to come to Juneau to view the bears, August is a good time.  The sockeye are spawning and the bear are hungry. 

Later!   Nancy

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