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Friday, July 1, 2011

can it be July already

Can it be July already....?  Say it.  Today is July 1st.  It sounds odd.  I think June ended too abruptly.  There should be 31 days in that month.  Prepare us for July better.  The 1st.  The 4th.  That's it.  The 4th of July is now just right around the corner and I've not even given it a single thought yet. 

We generally watch the parade along the streets of downtown.  It's a small town parade.... no fancy floats, no floats made of flowers.  The firemen hand out salt water taffy to the kids.  There's always plenty of politicians and other groups strutting their cause.  The marching band is my favorite.  It's a good parade and everyone has fun.  I've never had a big family picnic on the 4th because there were so many other activities going on around town that we participated in. 

This year my husband will be out of town and my kids will be busy with their family.  I'll need to find something fun and crafty to keep me busy.

What are your traditions for the 4th of July?

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