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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

gnome sweet gnome

Have you ever told a little white lie?
To your three year old granddaughter?

Meet my resident garden gnome. 
He  lives in this stump.
Behind this door.
He comes out occasionally to enjoy the weather. 
My granddaughter asks, "does he move?"  Of course he does!
"Can I open his door?"  No... no you can't. 
For you see, this little gnome (like all gnomes) will play possum when a human approaches.
They'll look just like a statue....
Then we leave them alone.

That's what I tell her.
And she believes me. 
But you can see her cautiously peaking around the astilbe that protects his little home in hopes of getting a glimpse of my garden gnome. 

When she's not looking, I'll gingerly move him a little, much to her dismay that she missed him in motion again! 

This is Henry.
Or maybe it's Harvey.
I don't know.... it could be Frank. 
My grandson will walk around the circle garden asking, "what's his name?"  "What's his name?"
He never catches on that they have different names every time he asks. 
This could be Jeremy.
Or Justin.
I'm pretty sure this is Frank, though.
I love my garden gnomes and in case you think I'm a non-believer....
I believe in gnomes!  And garden fairies!
And as far as telling a little white lie to my granddaughter, it's not really a lie as long as you Believe.... Is it...? 

Yes.... I love my garden gnomes. 
There's no place like gnome home. 
Later!  Nancy
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Georgia said...

I love this story. OK, OK, so I'll spiff up my gnomes' home, maybe put in a hot tub or lounge chair:) Hey, they already have a teeny American flag - what more do they want? I, too, love my gnomes. I see yours have moss growing on them, though; mine don't, they move too fast, I guess.