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Monday, July 25, 2011

My "To Do" List

How was my weekend, you ask?
This is my "to do" list for the weekend.
If you look real close, you won't see many items crossed off....
Like this basket of folded laundry that's still sitting in the same place I placed it Saturday when I took the clothes off the line. 

And this garden hose that never got rewound. 
This bag of receipts and bank statements was supposed to get shredded.
And more laundry was waiting to get washed.
The bed didn't get made....
The new shelf I found while garage saling on Saturday is patiently waiting to get dusted and something pretty sitting on it.
This box is full of receipts and other papers that were to be filed....
And I never cleaned up my mess in the garage....
Or restocked the pantry....
Course, in my defense, Hunter willl most likely just relocate these cans back to his truck so why bother....
This little darling is an old enamel table waiting to have its legs put back on and moved into the house.
This is on my "to do" list, but I'm at the mercy of my hubby to get it done.
And this mess is our dining room table. 
Beautiful, isn't it? 
Don't worry, at least it gets shuffled to one end for meals but then somehow manages to get sprawled out again.  I need to get organized!
So what DID I do this weekend?

This:  (look below)
I painted an ugly white plastic chair and its sidekick the table.  
That's about it.  
My Blue Jays like having another place to sit...  
Glad I could oblige....

I'll have to kick it in high gear tomorrow to get caught up on some of these things!   
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Georgia said...

Ok, I'm working on my list:) Is this a competition? To see who has the longest list? Or who can check off the most items? I need to know "the rules."

Nancy from the Weathered Pane said...

There are no rules! In fact, some times I write things down on my list AFTER the fact, and THEN cross them off so it looks like I've been really busy!