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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Color My Porches

A couple years ago we had to replace our front porch.  So my husband thought we should double it in size. 
Which we did.
It's as big as a dance floor now! 

And if you know me, you know if there's any room whatsoever, something needs to be put there....
So this year I put many more potted flowers. 
They're so pretty.
I've never grown Begonias before, and am so pleased with these little beauties.
Even with all my flowers and driftwood (thank you, Bucky and Michelle!)
there's still room to dance!
The back deck is even larger.  It's multi levels with a lot of charm.
And places to put things....
I cover it with flowers, vegies, and herbs. 
I love calendulas.  They do so well in our weather. 
My sister made me buy this wine bottle holder as thought it would look nice on this bistro table.
I agree! 
I think it'll become a permanent fixture on the deck.
Course, it means I need to drink more wine....
so I can change out the bottle vases from time to time :)

What a little cutie this is.  So bright and vibrant on a dark and dreary day.
All my life I've read where nasturtiums are the easiest plant to grow.
They will grow anywhere in any type of soil.
You don't have to fertilize or even water! 
Yet.... I've never had luck with growing them.
Me, with my green thumb....
I'm a failure at growing nasturtiums.
Until this year.
I love this combination of baby blue (lobelia) and yellow (calendula). 
We grow our vegies and herbs in pots on the back deck. 
I love that they're handy and I can just walk a few steps to get what I need.
Otherwise.... I'm lazy and may not walk the 30' to the vegie beds....
Too, here they're a little more protected from the weather and animals.
We mostly grow lettuces, swiss chard, and other greens to use in salads or steam.
Have you ever grown celery?  It is SO easy!  It just grows with no help from me. 
The grandkids love going out and breaking off a stalk to nibble on.
This is my garden area.  Part of it is under cover which keeps the rain from pounding on it.
Next year I think we'll build a large bed rather than having so many little pots.
I'll put the bed on cute little feet so the "bed" isn't sitting directly on the deck
and the water will drain off/away. 
Maybe even make a cold frame to keep the Blue Jays out of it until it's established.
THIS must be what the professionals mean when they say nasturtiums are so easy to grow!
Isn't this beautiful?!
We came home from doing errands one day and it was laying on the ground.
It did so well, it got top heavy and fell off the rail. 
We strung bungee cords around it to keep in place.

So that's what's growing on my porches this year.  Hope you enjoyed the tour! 
Later.... Nancy
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Georgia said...

These photos don't do justice to your colorful porches. Your color spots just light up the area.

And about the wine rack, I have some beautiful blue wine bottles that would look great on the bistro table in that rack. So now are you buying wine according to the color of the bottle, and not just how pretty the label looks?

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Now I need to find a post with pictures of your porches...I LOVE porches and your sound perfect! Beautiful flowers up there in Alaska...everything seems to grow so well in your short season with all that light this time of year. Love it! I hope you have a wonderful day.
Maura :)