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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Lettuce Leaf at a Time

Some might say I have a green thumb.
Others might think I have all the answers.
But I don't and I certainly don't! 
I'm just lucky and I don't give up.

My husband wanted to try his luck at growing cherry tomatoes a couple years ago.
So we bought a couple of those Topsy Turvy things and hung them on the south wall of our home where they would get plenty of sunshine.
Then he plants other cherry tomatoes in a pot. 
I guess he's comparing which plant will produce better.

Last year we grew this beauty of a plant.
But it only produced one measly cherry tomato.  One.
We were told you need to clip its leaves....
Click here for the story behind it. 

This year we have tons of blossoms and quite a few little green tomatoes....
But nothing is ripening.
So my question to you, fellow gardeners.... how long does it take a tomato to ripen???? 
These have been "in process" for about 30 days now.

My peas are finally coming on strong.
My three year old grandson  has been waiting not-so-patiently for them. 
Every night, as he heads home, he runs outside, around the car, bends and peers, anxiously waiting for the first peas to arrive.
Now he's quick enough to yank a few off the vines and heads home with a whole hand full! 
This is why I grow peas.
My strawberries are trying hard to produce.
But the birds are beating me to them.
I might get some netting and drape them next year.
I snatched this one up last night even though it was only half reddish, but it was still so yummy.   
I bought this basil on June 8.  It's maybe doubled in size.... 
I know basil likes warmer temperatures, but, still.... come on.... 

Gardening is certainly a challenge in SE Alaska. 
Our temps can be cold and weather wet.
Our dirt is poor
and we live in many microclimates.

Yet we keep trying.  And trying.  And trying. 
Trying to find the answer to growing tomatoes without a green house.
Trying to become a little more self-sufficient.
One lettuce leaf at a time. 

Later!  Nancy
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Mindy said...

That tomato plant is HUGE!!! Mine are just sitting there, unripe, too. They need heat and we're not getting it.

My kids love the peas too!

Nancy from the Weathered Pane said...

Mindy, thanks for stopping by! That tomato plant was from last year when we only got one little green tomato on it. We've been clipping leaves where there's no blossoms this year and it's keeping it more manageable. But, yea, growing tomatoes in Juneau is difficult unless you have a green house. Nancy