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Friday, July 22, 2011

Found Treasures

My name is Nancy, and I'm an addict.
For garage sales
and found treasures, that is! 

My husband and I used to "ditch hunt."  That's what we called pulling over to the side of the road and picking up rocks or wood or any other treasures we found.  But we don't so much anymore.

I recently started going to garage sales again and am loving it. 
For the past few years I worked on Saturdays and had to put my passion aside.

Here's what I found this past weekend. 

These darling glasses are about 4" tall and quite stubby.  I was told they're about 30 years old and are wine "tasting" glasses because of their small size, I suppose.  For me, the glass is just about the right size for my limited drinking.  I bought them because I loved their amber color and sturdy stem. 

I bought this trio because..... because the lady wanted me too....  I really liked the LARGE ladle, but she said it was a set.  Originally it was $3.00, but said I could have it for $2.00.  Okay..... I'll resell it in my garage sale for $5.00.... 
I love this old red lantern.  I may hang it from a tree or.... 
I'm keeping a watchful eye on this old Alpenrose Dairy milk crate!  My daughter has threatened to move it to her home....  For now I just have a plant sitting on top of it.  Until it relocates to my daughter's home....
This was my best find!  Look at the detail on this old chair!
The dainty curves.
The legs!
This seat is too precious the way it curves. 
I'm going to paint this chair some funky colors, I think....
and use it as yard art.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I stumbled upon this little Radio Flyer red wagon!
I've wanted one for years and years.
I was afraid I wouldn't be able to afford it, but....
drum roll, please.....
There was a price tag of fifty cents on it! 
Of course I had to bring it home with me! 
I think it was a very good garage sale day. 
What do you think? 
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